About Us

The TurnKey Solutions Corporation was founded in 1998 and is located in Omaha, Nebraska (LaVista) to give customers a centrally located distribution and shipping advantage.

The company was built with the idea to provide you with the highest quality, fastest turnaround and most cost effective products available and our services include CD duplication, DVD duplication, CD replication, DVD replication, as well as custom printing, custom packaging, inventory management and more.  In conjunction with our vendor partners, we will provide you with the services and materials needed for each component of your product.

Our philosophy at TurnKey Solutions is simple...quality is built into our products from start to finish.  Behind our name stands a "Quality Assurance Program" that is unmatched in our industry and guarantees customer satisfaction.  

Our employees understand they work directly for our customers and they take pride in producing a quality product.  We constantly evaluate our processes to improve consistency, efficiency and value to our customers.  We provide our employees with a comfortable and pleasant environment in which to work and grow. Our team recognizes that absolute accuracy of information, quality performance and above average response time distinguishes our company in the marketplace.

Quality is the reason we have built long-term relationships with our clients.  We understand that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer.  We also understand that when our customers grow, we grow!  When you work with TurnKey Solutions, you can be assured of our support and commitment to you.